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A Blog dedicated to the ghost we all love the most, Danny Phantom! Feel free to ask me stuff anytime you'd like! Don't be afraid I love you <3
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About me: I'm pretty chubby, I go through a bit of depression (but I manage),I'm not the best artist but I try, I write better than I speak because when I speak I just sound stupid, Im awkward at first but then I get really outgoing,I like food.

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Forget my last post. I actually did this shiz. 

Danny Phantom and Don’t hug me I’m scared.

Feel free to color it if you want. Just be sure to tag me


I actually couldn’t draw notebook without looking at a reference. I used this:  http://jengoci.tumblr.com/post/74558726478/i-dont-even-know-but-it-could-happen-maybe

I just ended up changing her position and face shape a bit.