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A Blog dedicated to the ghost we all love the most, Danny Phantom! Feel free to ask me stuff anytime you'd like! Don't be afraid I love you <3
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About me: I'm pretty chubby, I go through a bit of depression (but I manage),I'm not the best artist but I try, I write better than I speak because when I speak I just sound stupid, Im awkward at first but then I get really outgoing,I like food.

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Favorite GIF ever. 

It’s like Danny’s fist just quits halfway through. “I’m gonna punch this son of a bit—WAIT FIST WHAT ARE YOU DOING.”

"WE CAN’T DO THIS MAN I QUIT. I WILL LEAD YOU TO SAFETY." I mean look at Danny’s face.


nasty ghost


here have some mood whip lash (at least its a happy ending)

 headcanon that Cujo was not put down humanely instead he was one of those horrible cases of puppies thrown in the garbage. Danny happened by where cujo was abandoned, but by the time he found him he was to far gone  and died in dannys arms on his way home to take care of him. Danny was horribly upset by this puppys mistreatment and subsequent death.

This is why Cujo is so attached to danny as a ghost, the only person who showed him any kindness in life and the only person who cared about his death. Cujos agression is mostly aimed at those who mistreated him. I like to think Cujos ghostly obsession changed from the toy that was his comfort item, to Danny and having a more normal dog loyalty to Danny and living out the life he didnt get to.


danny [shrugs] 
full sizeeeeee

I'm sorry for all the mess I've caused.

Anonymous says: That fic made me cry for like 10 minutes straight I was in pain but thanks for the rec cus it was SO GOOD WOW




But yeah it was so good just ugh I can’t get over it man SO. GOOD.

Official titled art from the one and only Butch Hartman guys


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Cartoon Bully Stereotype Collection


Our Own Private Eden

random-storm says: Is Vlad still roaming around in space?



If he is


I’ll be right here waiting for him


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