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Posted: 1 day ago


Selling 2 B1A4 tickets! section 105 row H if anyone is interested. Selling them for $180 each.

More Ectoham!!! \(^p^)/


Only I can help you, Daniel.

I’m a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT ILU BB


remember that time in danny phantom where one of the main characters blatantly admitted he’s a furry


In which Danny and Vlad give each other shirts from the same store.

I am cleaning out my WIP folder and tbh I think I had started this back in October and just forgot about it haha.

In the meantime enjoy these nerds! :>


I went through this weird phase when I was a kid where I’d be obsessed with Danny Phantom, I’d have pictures of him on my wall, talk about him constantly, look at pictures of him on the internet, heck, my email was DANNYPHISTHEBEST or something.
But the weirdest thing is that I’ve never actually watched an episode of Danny Phantom in my life, like, ever.


Doodle while I was doing comic.

Yesss!!!! I got my customized acrylic key ring!!<3

So like….did secret trio die or something?


I was listening to Love Patrol Alpha singing Taking Over Midnight and scrolling through my dash at the same time, saw a screenshot from that Nickelodeon Universe game, this happened.

I love the new season of Gravity Falls so far!


Yesterday’s doodle from 365 days of doodles.


what if Danny realizes it was too late to catch Sam before she hits the ground

What if Danny didnt react fast enough. When he is conscious again, and sees that Sam is already sprawled on the ground


Vlad you fucking nerd



YAYAY :D I hope you like it Becca! Cute smooches :’3