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A Blog dedicated to the ghost we all love the most, Danny Phantom! Feel free to ask me stuff anytime you'd like! Don't be afraid I love you <3
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About me: I'm pretty chubby, I go through a bit of depression (but I manage),I'm not the best artist but I try, I write better than I speak because when I speak I just sound stupid, Im awkward at first but then I get really outgoing,I like food.

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Fangirl Challenge || 1/? pairings: danny + sam
↳ Danny Phantom


ghost boys with ghost bags.

one suspects nothing the, other suspects everything.


"Does this mean you’ll stop hunting me?"

"Mmmmm maybe ghost boy, maybe."

Commission for the @fuckingqueenofhell UwU some Gray ghost cuddling (sorry im not that good at backgrounds but I tried bb! ;w;)

If your not happy with it i’m happy to make any changes you wish~

*rubs hands together* back to my other commissions ewe


Can we just talk about Control Freaks for a second though

It’s just

Danny is always trying so hard to protect the ones he loves and his friends and even the people at school who bully him and this kid just has the worst of luck

And then he starts traveling with Freakshow a bit and you know…


im tsundere for danny phantom


/<\ =3



grabbing onto the back of the wes wagon for a couple minutes haha


my art and my friends’ art is on there with the worst kind of sources that don’t even lead back anywhere.

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First Fanart Drawing Cx posted here! Im Always changing Styles so bare with me -cries-

drawn by me~ <3 You can vist my DA here > http://illogicalvoid.deviantart.com/

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Posted: 1 day ago

for zip-a-dee-lady

aka the name ‘billy’ recurs a lot in this show

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superphantom week: The Ultimate Enemy/End!verse dialogue swap {10/12}

I just know we’re all we’ve got. More than that. We keep each other human.

Thank you. Really. Thank you. I won’t let you down.

Oh, I know it.

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a little comic of the adorably suspicious Wes :)